A major Finnish electricity distributor

We distribute electricity from Fingrid’s national grid and power plants to our customers.

Network maps

EPV Alueverkko (EPA) is a high-voltage (110 kV) distribution network company that enables the transmission of electricity through the network under its control in order to meet the needs of the main grid, power plants, distribution network companies and large-scale industries.

EPV Alueverkko is part of the EPV Energy Group.

Electricity transmission tariffs, charges, and terms and conditions

EPV Alueverkko is continuously and resolutely improving the electricity network to make sure it meets customers’ power requirements and the ever-growing demand for renewable energy.

Reliable, high-quality electricity is the lifeblood of society

EPV Alueverkko is responsible for the efficient functioning of the network’s electricity system. Our job is to ensure that the electricity transmitted is of high quality and reliable.


For us, responsibility means action – not words

EPV is the forerunner in low-emission and renewable energy. Responsible and ethical practices are our founding principles.